about me

There are so many ways to label “what” I am, none of which approaches “who” I am. I’m a Korean adoptee, a divorcee, a mother to three precocious teenagers and three super-friendly cats who jockey for sleeping space on my bed. I’m a city planner by profession and a writer in my heart, though most of what I write appears solely on Facebook and in my blog posts.

I love yoga. Oh, how I love yoga. I love music, especially classical, mixed with a smattering of whatever my kids introduce to me. I love my friends, who keep me happy and sane. I love good food – rich, satisfying, decadent – and robust coffee.  I’m vegetarian, but not for health reasons; at some point along the way, eating meat simply felt out of step with my yogic beliefs.

I love to read and to draw…and to think and to dream…and to laugh with my friends and to sit alone with my thoughts.

I love my beautiful family most of all.

I’ve lived in South Florida for a surprising twenty-two years. Even so, I’m still not a hot-weather girl, but I manage with the help of a good air conditioner and ceiling fans. And the winters are definitely worth it.

Since June 2009, life has been a roller-coaster adventure both illuminating and challenging: finalizing an amicable divorce from my husband of 18 years, negotiating child care and new patterns of relating, jump-starting a long-neglected career, surviving the short-sale home purchase from hell, diving back into the dating pool (and skinning my knees…and bruising my heart), and more…and more…and more…

I’m busy rediscovering pieces of myself long forgotten: my writing, my music, my love for concerts and movies and ballets and operas. And I recently completed yoga teacher training, including two outreach certifications. Yes, I’m official!..and now my mission is to give back by bringing yoga to underserved and at-risk populations.

And so…here’s to new beginnings. Let’s see where the future leads!


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