Orange.  Lately it’s been all about orange.

I visualize oranges in shades ranging from big and bold to gently faded and barely there: the warmth of sunset as dark shadows creep into the corners of the sky; the patina of saltillo tile worn thin and matte by age; the vibrancy of terracotta, bleached pure by sun and washed soft by rain; the mottled brightness of showy male monarch butterflies; the variegated stripes of my sleepy-eyed marmalade cat; the glorious last hurrah of nature’s brilliant autumn finery.

Golden sunbeams radiate through my orange world, suffusing it, bathing it in shimmering light that sparkles and glows, dancing merrily across the rich and saturated hues.  My thoughts drift to filling this world with easels and paper, pens and charcoals, my piano, my clarinet.  I imagine a sunlit world in which to meditate, to think, to dream.  In which to create.  Orange: the color of inspiration.

This seductive color, color of my dreams and desires, is also the color of the second chakra, Svadhisthana. Located in the space between the belly button and the pubic bone, the second chakra is elemental and primal, the source of gut feelings and instinctive wisdom.

Passion rules this chakra – overwhelming, overriding passion – mind, body, soul.  It’s associated with creativity, emotional expression, sexuality – all juicy, vital, necessary life forces that cry out to me, pleading with me to forsake my everyday duties to come play in their essence.

No wonder my mind constantly drifts to such thoughts, to such spaces.

Orange unleashes my own fiery passions.  I long to wrap myself in its radiance; within its embrace, I yearn to write, to draw, to dance, to sing, to laugh, to cry, to make love, to give love, to be love, endlessly and without boundaries.

Some say the second chakra is where we find bliss.

And bliss is the color of my dreams.