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So now that I feel freer, let’s dish…

I said no to the job offer.  The money was good, the potential fantastic, but the one-week maximum vacation time wasn’t going to cut it.  Although they said they’d work with me over flex time, I’ve been in that siutation before.  It’s all roses and daisies in the beginning, but expectations changes and resentments grow.  And I was a bit concerned about the expected 45-50 hour billable work week.  Even if I don’t have much of a life, I like to pretend I do, and it doesn’t revolve around work.

I said yes to the date.  I’m impressed by his persistence, curious over what he’s planning.   I’m hoping the completely different environment will spark something fresh in me, rouse me from my impossible dreaming.  Work friend advised me: Let your hair down, have fun, let him spoil you.  Just don’t give him your heart (only your body, she added, with a snicker).  Ha.  Like either one’s going to happen again anytime soon.

It’s been another thought-provoking, decision-making week. I hope I made the right ones. Sigh.