Can you believe it?  For over half a century, I’ve been a proud, card-carrying Scorpio.  Suddenly, I’m a…Libra?

It’s bad enough that I don’t have a known day or time of birth.  But I always figured the adoption agency wasn’t months off in guessing my age.  Therefore, I felt comfortable and confident assuming the mantle of a true Scorpion woman.

But now (horrors!)…everything I believed I was has been turned on its ear, thanks to the addition of a thirteenth astrological sign.

Here’s one website’s take on the Scorpio woman:

Scorpio women have the reputation of being very sexual and powerful. They take love very seriously. Woe be unto those who betray their trust. For those who pass the infamous loyalty tests of these Scorpio females, there is a deep and abiding bond that transcends the ordinary.

For a Scorpio woman sex is religion. It means much more to her than it probably does to you, and you should be aware that she will not take it lightly if you are disloyal or casual in your mating process. Courtship is not so necessary as intensity and ability to merge completely, body and soul. This is appealing to some, to others not so much. You will be sorry if you play hard to get, try to pique her interest by flirting with others, or turn suddenly and inexplicably fickle. Love is not a game to the Scorpio female.

And here is their take on the Libra woman:

Libra women are natural leaders and great partners. They are able to experience another’s viewpoint and anticipate his needs in a way that no other sign can. She is calm, cool, and collected, a good strategist, and an accurate sounding board. Life is a mirror and when you look in the eyes of this woman you will find an accurate reflection of your strengths and weaknesses.

Libra women absolutely revel in the superficial trappings of love. Don’t be fooled by their logical and calculating demeanor. They are bound to fall for charm and good looks. Many Libra women prefer appearance over substance and have to learn through experience that sometimes there is too high a price to pay for a pretty package. Libra females value reciprocity, good manners, and they really, truly expect you to read their minds. Read that last sentence over again. They really, truly expect you to read their minds. If you can’t read her mind, she will think you are not her true love.

Which profile do I prefer?  Which one suits me more?  Truthfully, I probably embody a little of each, but in terms of romantic love, it’s Scorpio, hands-down: complete merging, body and soul, combined with absolute trust? Oh, yeah, totally me.

So I’m not tossing out my Scorpio accoutrements yet…or my Scorpio sensibilities.  Because you can take the birthdate away from the Scorpio, but you can’t take the Scorpio out of the girl.