Two boxes, belated holiday gifts from my sister, were waiting on my doorstep when I arrived home today.  Emblazoned on the boxes: Swiss Colony.

Hmmm.  Swiss Colony is not my idea of high-end (or even real) food, but hey…it’s the thought that counts, right?

I opened the larger box optimistically.  It was chock full of processed cheese…and beef logs and summer sausage.

Hmmm again.  Interesting gift for a vegetarian.  Must repeat: It’s the thought that counts.

But it feels a little pointed.  And a tad mean-spirited.

My ultra-conserative sister, in her better moods, simply makes fun of my liberal-leaning, make-love-not-war, tread-lightly ways.  In her darker moods, she vehemently and vociferously complains about how “difficult” I am.

Hmmm.  Just hmmm.  That’s all.

I placed the open box on the dining room table so the kids can nosh if they want.  As for me…I’ve settled in for the night with a cup of hot chai tea and my work friend’s truly delicious homemade cookies.

Ummm. Just ummm.

That’s all.


And my hmmm note-of-the-day from The Universe:

The speed with which any dream may be realized, [kimwolhee], is always a function of how small the miracles have to be in order not to freak out the dreamer.

    The Universe