A beloved friend is leaving.

Organic Farmer is moving to the other side of the country to concentrate on his rehab.  His extended family lives there; the extra hands and hearts, filled with love and support, are both welcome and necessary.

From all accounts, his improvement has been nothing short of remarkable: he’s using a walker, speaking in short sentences, responding positively to visitors.  His deep-held love of music has remained innate, strong and steady; he recognizes songs, sings along to many.

It’s an almost complete turnaround from those horrible dark days, those early weeks when he wasn’t expected to survive, or if he did, his quality of life was to be severely compromised.

Yet despite his impressive gains, I admit it: I selfishly miss the snappy, witty man who once made me think and laugh, who teased me merrily and who verbally seduced me, who touched a secret spot in my heart shared with very few.

I know that man is gone, probably forever.  In his place is a different man, one who is also wonderful and special, but one who no longer knows who I am.

A part of me said my sad farewells months ago, after the accident occurred.  Another part of me held in my heart the hope of seeing him, holding his hand, searching for a flash of happy recognition in his eyes.

But now, with this move, it’s time for me to say good-bye for real, if not for always, because chances are, it’s unlikely we’ll meet anytime soon or it will mean anything to him if we do.

So good-bye, my dear friend.  Thank you for being a brief, but bright, shining light in my life.  You carry my love with you, from my heart to yours, wherever your road may take you.  And one day, should our stars align, perhaps our paths will cross again.

Until then, my sweet…

The divine in me bows reverently to the stunningly brilliant divine in you.