Yoga is all about love, peace, acceptance….equality.

We are all as one, no one more important than the other.

So why did I squeal like a star-struck teenager when I literally bumped into yoga god, Rodney Yee, today?

Breathe, breathe.  Repeat: We are all as one, no one more important than the other.

It doesn’t matter what I know consciously.  I couldn’t stop myself from reacting.  I squeaked, gushed profusive apologies, then grew flustered and looked down, blushing furiously, head pounding.

He, meanwhile, smiled kindly, serene amusement evident in his eyes.  He’s quite accustomed to groupies and fans.

He’s a little grayer than I expected, but he exudes the same calm and confidence of his videos.

This is one of the most exciting parts about the conference: coming face-to-face, elbow-to-elbow with the shining stars of the yoga world.  Even better, as a volunteer, I’m in charge of monitoring certain classes.  The three doors I’ll be watching on Saturday and Sunday will be for some all-time personal heroes (gulp, gasp!): Rodney Yee and his gorgeous wife, Colleen; Desiree Rumbaugh; and Rod Stryker.  That means I have to…eek!…interact with them as a responsible, normal (i.e., sane) human being and not as a whacked-out, squealing (i.e., insane) groupie.

Adding to the rock star/groupie vibe: For every class I take, including the ones I monitor, I’m asking the teacher to sign my “outside contact” teacher training logs.  I feel as though I’m collecting autographs instead of fulfilling my teacher-in-training requirements.  So far, everyone has been gracious, encouraging and wam, treating me as a welcome equal…and everyone has gladly signed my log.   But can I really ask Mr. Yee without gabbling like a fool?

At least I have until Saturday morning to pull together some semblance of Buddha-like composure.

Sigh.  Even if I manage to manifest outward calm, the inner groupie in me plans to make copies of the logs, saving the originals for myself, tucked into acid-free page protectors, of course.

What a rush!!…and the main conference has yet to begin.


Gambit’s been on a serious chess steamroll lately.  Somehow he picked off yet another higher-rated player last night to help propel his team into the championship round.  Yup, they’re playing for the whole enchilada next Saturday…the league championship.

It’s exciting.  It’s silly.  It’s fun.  Can you believe…it’s chess?