What happened to my staid evening?

Instead of a quiet dinner and jazz, we impulsively drove to the beach and walked along the boardwalk for more than an hour.

We decided to stop for dinner at a well-known Greek restaurant that overlooks the intracoastal.  Thought it’s a local institution, I’d never eaten there.

My entrée was fabulously divine: light, lemony, garlicky, but with an underlying richness.  And don’t get me started on the baklava….

After our meal, we moved to the bar.

And that’s when…hmmm…

Alien beings invaded my body?  I plead temporary insanity?  The devil made me do it?

Two ouzos down, and suddenly, there I was…dancing with my date.  On top of the table!

Wait.  Dancing doesn’t begin to describe what I was doing on that table.  I wasn’t merely dancing.  I was shakin’ my booty.  Hard.  The cute young waiter even jumped on the table and sorta-kinda dirty danced with me.  Woot!

The music was pulsing and loud, the crowd rowdy, the strobe lights dizzying.  Occasionally the staff tossed white napkins high in the air, to rain down upon us like snowflake confetti as we screamed and “put our hands in the air like we just don’t care.”

Did I mention….insane??

But I had soooo much fun.  So much.  Obviously, I relate well to insanity.

We ended the evening at a quieter bar drinking sparkling water, talking, recovering.

So yeah, I think I like this dating thing.  What took me so long?