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In the wake of my sorrow over OF, whose condition remains tenuous, came the news that my beloved drumming friend succumbed to cancer.  He died on Friday.

Even though the news was somewhat expected, it still hit me like a sledgehammer.  Selfish as always, I railed:  Why now?  Why this weekend?

I have been awash in tears ever since.

At work, of all places, I received a light-hearted email that made me smile, gave me a slight chuckle, temporarily lifted my heart…for the first time in two days.  I’d helped a young woman establish her business in our city, even securing a refund for her processing fees.  She sent me a thank you message filled with appreciative words and many exclamation points, signing off spunkily: “Love, peace and smooches galore.”

While it’s not terribly professional, I loved it.  More importantly…I needed it.

Smooches galore to you, my friends.  May our lives be blessed with smooches galore.